Preparing your home for a Michigan winter

With the feel of fall in the air, weather gets cooler, and the leaves start falling on the ground.  It’s now time to think about getting your home ready for the winter months.

Those of us living in West Michigan realize that winter is coming and we have to worry about all the possible repercussions that may come along with that, from your sprinkler, to your furnace. But never fear! With a bit of determination and proper time management skills, the projects are easy enough to spread out over a season. Some of the items are best to hire a company to do, while others are a great do it yourself project.

At Acacia Group Property Management, we have included a home maintenance checklist that will keep your home running in peak condition all winter long. Much of the routine maintenance that needs to be completed will not only help keep you cozy this winter, it will also save money on your heating bill and protect your biggest investment—your home.

Enjoy this beautiful Michigan season!

Winterize Your Home Checklist