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Founded in 2006, Acacia Group is West Michigan’s premier property management company with a focus on luxury properties. We care for site condominiums, single family homes and commercial business associations. We are a progressive, technology driven company and quickly respond to our client’s needs.



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Researching a Neighborhood

If houses are like spouses, a neighborhood is like the extended family and you’ll never love a house if you don’t like your neighborhood. So how do you choose the right community?

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Breaking Down Home Break-ins in West Michigan

One of the easiest crimes to prevent — burglary — is also one of the most common. Somewhere in the United States a burglary is committed every 15 seconds. If this happens to you, you can lose more than a few possessions. A break-in, even when you’re not there, has a major impact on your family’s sense of safety and well-being.

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